About Nick Baelz the Artist

Nick Baelz, born 1955, is a sculptor based in Beckenham Kent. He works in a variety of media, but mainly metal, with a range of high-end finishes. His work is joyful, uplifting and with a sense of movement.

Nick worked for many years in Risk Management before starting his training as an Artist. He first worked in Ceramics, learning at a local professional studio, before studying at Morley College where he honed his skills in metalwork.

The journey from the rigid structures of his earlier career to the creativity of a Sculptor has been both challenging and exciting. However, Nick now enjoys experimenting with diverse techniques and materials, allowing his imagination to run free.  

Nick’s style is unique with a confidence borne from years spent mastering his craft. This, combined with a gift for artistic interpretation and fearless experimentation, spawns one-of-a-kind works that fire the imagination and draw the observer in.

His works are widely exhibited both indoors and out in both galleries and gardens.